Professional Data Network installer

Commercial Office Networks

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We design and install systems to get multiple computers up and running in a commercial office space. Internet speeds have reached incredible speeds and require a cable that can deliver the speed to the users. For commercial use a fiber optics cable is most desirable for split second data transfers.  Basic internet use would only require a basic Cat5 or Cat6. Having a wired connection can increase your internet download speed up to 75%. 

Data Network Installation

kelowna data network installer

Need a fast network? Hardwired or wifi we have the experience to get your business the fasted networks in the business. Cat 6e is a highly requested network cable for commercial data networks. We can provide cable upgrades and retro fit existing office spaces.

Switches, UPS and Mounting Hardware

Data network cable installer

Need to split your internet connection for multiple PCs? We install the necessary switches, UPS's and towers to make your system durable and reliable.

HDMI Cables Installation

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We install HDMI cabling and switching  for multiple display outputs

Professional Data Installers

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You focus on your business. We take care of keeping you operational.

Leave the data network installation to us. We value our clients and want to be your data network installer in Kelowna.