Electric heating cables in Kelowna

Exterior Electrical Heating Cables

electrical floor heat concrete

 Electric heating cables also commonly called heat trace have many uses in residential buildings and properties.  Living above the 49th parallel we see our share of snow and ice.  As all home owners know, winter brings heavy snow and ice and cold temperatures.  This leads to a lot of shoveling, frozen pipes and dangerous ice build up.  If you are designing a home or planning on renovating you may want to think about the winter conditions around the residence. Having a few extra receptacles placed on the exterior of the building for plugging in heating cables may be a good idea.  A Residential Electrician can also install heating cables in exterior stairs, driveways, irrigation pipes and on gutters to prevent dangerous ice build up.  All cables can be controlled from a central thermostat that will only turn on cables when the temperature gets below 1 degree Celsius. 

Electric Floor heating Cables

electrical floor heating installations

 Electric floor heating is a great option for tile and basement flooring in a residential building.  The electric heating cables not only heat the floor but can also heat the room its self.  Since most of the heat loss is from the cold concrete below the warmth will radiate to warm the air. Programmable thermostats can be set to match your weekly schedule so that the floor is always warm when you need it.  Thermostats can also be connected to your mobile phone so it can be turned on when wherever you are.  Common areas for use of electrical heating cables are kitchens, showers, bathrooms, basements, hallways, and stairs. 

Pipe Heating Cables

pipe Heat trace cable

 Pipes exposed to the weather will often freeze up making it impossible to get water or even drain water.  The last thing you want to be doing is trying to thaw a frozen water pipe when it is below freezing. Wrapping the water pipe with electric heating cables will prevent water from freezing solid in the pipe.. 

Electrical Heating Cables

heated walkways and stairs

 Electric heated walk ways in a residential construction is a luxury that is desirable for cold climates. Heated walkways increase safety, reduce slip hazards and heavy shoveling.  The heating cables can be laid in the concrete, under wooden or composite stair treads to keep ice and snow from forming.  Electric heating cables or heating mats are a really good idea if you have rental properties or a home business.  Heating cables can maintain a safe entrance to the property to reduce liability.  This makes them very versatile for uses in and outside residential buildings 

Electrical Heated driveways

Electrical heated driveway

 Heated driveways are essential if you get as much snow as the Okanagan.  Some times driveways can get enough snow to make it hard for 4x4 trucks.  Electric heated driveways will make sure you can get in or out of your driveway on time instead of shoveling for hours.  Residential heated driveways are becoming more popular in new buildings and can lead to increased home value.  If the residential driveway has an incline it may be hard to drive out even if all the snow is shoveled off especially on cold days.  The heated cables are controlled by a thermostat that only need to be activated when the temperature outside gets down to 0 degrees Celsius.  There is no manual operation needed the thermostat turns the heat on automatically. 

Gutter Electrical Heating Cables

Electrical heating cables gutter

 Electric heated rain gutters can save you from having to replace your residential gutters every year.  Constant weather changes during the winter can lead to heavy ice dams and icicles forming in your gutters making solid ice blocks in your gutters.  To combat this problem heating cables are used to keep the water flowing off the roof. Electric heating cables in Kelowna