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We provide luxury smart home automation and design for the B.C. Okanagan.

Luxury automated shades, sound systems and lighting.


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Smart Home Installation Key Features

We Design, Install and Program Smart Homes

Smart home design install and program

Not sure where to start with your smart home installation? 

No problem.

 Every client has their own requests, requirements and budget.

We meet with our clients to discuss how the system works and what they can expect when the smart home system is installed and programmed.

Whether the installation is in an existing home or  a new building we can provide the proper products and wiring to assure the client achieves what they want.

Smart Homes also provide businesses and commercial spaces with the same convenience as smart homes.

Contact us to find out how we can bring smart home technology into your business.

Smart Lighting Control Installation with Ipad, Android, or Iphone

control lights with iphone smart home

Once we have installed all smart switches and products.  

We begin the programming process.

The smart lighting systems are very versatile and can perform many functions typical light switches can not.

We program the system to your requirements. Then hand over your new smart home controller. The system can also be controlled by a smart iphone, android, smart watch or ipad.

  • Dim lights (ramp rate or dim rate)
  • Set lighting scenes or pathways
  • Set timers that auto randomize when lights come on
  • 7 day scheduling
  • Control ceiling fans
  • Motion sensors and light sensors
  • Keypads and app's indicate which lights are on/off throughout the house

Smart Home's Save Energy and Extends The Life of Lights

Kelowna Smart Home Installer

Lights have a life time expectancy when operated at 100%.  Smart Home controls can provide automatic operation to ensure your lights aren't on 100 percent when rooms are unoccupied. 

Sensors and programs can make your lights dim to a desired level when natural light is detected or the rooms are vacant. 

Scenes can be programmed to activate many switches with the push of a button or voice command. 

Ex. Scene = "MOVIE TIME"

  •    Slowly fades main lights
  •    Turns off bar lights 
  •    Turns  off hallway lights   
  •     Sets  wall sconces lighting to 25%

The possibilities are endless as long as the system is wired and programmed properly.                  

Smart Shades, Blinds, and Drapes Installation

smart home Remote control shades installation

We install customized shades, blinds and drapes for your smart home.

 Shades and blinds integrate with the Lutron smart system.

Integrating your shading system have many benefits such as:

  • They can open like an alarm clock every morning at certain time
  • Have them close to a certain level to prevent blinding light 
  • Control the entire homes blinds with one button
  • Provide UV protection for expensive furniture
  • Control from keypad or iphone app
  • Voice control with siri, alexa, and google assistant

Ask about our samples and selections

or browse styles and fabrics from our suppliers


Smart Home Locks Installation (NEST/YALE)

Smart home lock installer

 Forget to lock the door often?

No problem when you have smart locks installed

  • NEST Lets you lock/unlock the door from anywhere.
  • Create codes for family, friends or tenants. 
  • Set codes to expire at certain time 
  • Get alerts when someone unlocks and locks the door.
  • Locks doors automatically when you leave home

With smart locks installed there is no need to worry about finding the right key or forgetting to lock the door.

Smart Home Thermostat Installer (NEST, ECO BEE, LUTRON)

kelowna Smart home thermostat installer

 Get the Nest learning thermostat installed and have complete control from any internet connection in the world

  • Learns your schedule and sets temp accordingly
  • Additional sensors can give you more control over other floors and rooms
  • Turns down temperature when no one is home

Compliment LUTRON and NEST with Voice Control

Smart home voice control


Make your life easier with AI assistant smart home voice control installed.  Lutron and NEST products can be voice controlled by Google Assistant, Amazon Alex or Apple Home Kit(Siri). 

Control your lighting by talking to your favorite assistant.

Programmable commands

Not only can you play music and netflix from a voice command but now you control smart lighting, fireplaces, pool, irrigation, gates and vacuum cleaners. Also Control Thermostats and other Nest products. 

We want to be your Smart home installer in Kelown

Camera and Smart Home Products Installations

Nest Pro installer Kelowna

  NEST Cameras- provide remote monitoring and cloud recording so you don't miss anything. Vandals and trespassers can never delete footage because it is stored on your cloud account.

  • 4k resolution
  • Facial recognition
  • Human recognition
  • Smart phone app control

Google Wifi-provides a mesh network that monitors usage and can limit your childrens internet usage.

Nest Smart Smoke and CO Detectors- Wireless communication to your smart phone. Performs tests automatically monthly. Provides Night lighting for hallways.

Voice Control Preview

We always have our phone with us. 

Watch how fast siri can turn on the backyard sprinkler with voice control.

We make smart home automation possible. Starting from design to installation and then programming we do it all.

Smart home installer in kelowna

Smart Home Install features

Additional Information



  • Smart home programs can dim lights to a desired level or set scenes with one button.
  • With the push of one smart home button you can light up a path of lights from your bedroom to the kitchen.
  • With Lutron Smart home, when someone breaks into your home it will flash outside lights, open shades and turn on all interior lights to warn the neighbors.
  • Set theatre lighting scenes to dim when the movie starts.
  • Set fade duration for lights 
  • Turn on/off all lights in the house with one button.
  • Smart home indicating lights on the keypads can show you what lights are on.
  • Set schedules when away on vacation to have your lights turn on or off at random times +/- 30 min.
  • Wireless sensors can automatically detect motion and turn lights on when needed.

                    WHERE TO START


  1.  Figure out what you want to control with your new smart home.  The more items you install the more control and durability the smart home will have.
  2.  Figure out what kind of lighting scenes you want to have.  Ex. If you find yourself dimming certain lights when you want to relax . Then have your smart home installer create a "relax" button that turns off any unnecessary lights and dims the ones you want. REMEMBER when designing your scenes less is more.
  3.  Once you have decided your scenes and smart home items you want to control  meet with your smart home installer to go over the programming.  The electrician should be involved in the discussion so appropriate switch legs are installed.
  4.  If it is overwhelming trying to figure out scenes, ask our smart home installer for suggestions because they know the capabilities of the smart home products.

Learn More


  • Geo-Fencing -Set an invisible fence around your property. Once you leave the smart home it will turn off certain lights, lock doors(compatible locks only), turn off any appliances that are left on.
  • Security Breach- Smart home will flash exterior lights, turn on all lights inside and open all blinds.
  • Sunlight Control-Automatically close shades when light is detected and you are in sleep mode. Or set them to open when alarm clock is activated.
  • Temperature Control- Smart home temp sensors can be placed through the house to control multiple zones.
  • Voice Command- Link Smart Home automation to google mini, amazon alexa, or apple home kit for voice control.
  • Home Automation- Control other 3rd party equipment through smart home relays such as garage doors, ceiling fans, temperature, pool lights, audio, irrigation.
  • Fire Safety- With Nest Smart home Smoke and CO detectors you can be sent notifications to your phone and alert the fire department

Smart Keypads

smart home key pad

   Ever feel like you have too many switches in your house and you don't know what half of them do. Smart homes provides a futuristic system that a child can operate.  Keypads can control multiple lighting circuits from one button.

Lutron Compatible Devices

smart home installer integration

If you already have smart home products installed. Lutron can integrate with these other products

How Smart Homes Work

Smart home installer how

Ever wonder how a smart home works?.

This picture explains how your wifi is utilized in smart home installations.

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